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APOLOGIES, APOLOGIES....I apologize that I haven't posted in awhile. Summer break and life seemed to take over for a stretch of time but I am back in full swing now so here I go!
Every girl knows that with warmer temps come one thing....shaving all the time! Electrolysis seems more desirable every time I shave. I also have two teenage boys who (thank goodness) shave regularly . This made me wonder what else shaving cream could be used for. I found the following article by Persophone Rose on . I never knew about the whole gun thing!

10 Outstanding Uses for Shaving Cream

This guide details how shaving cream can save you time and money around the house.

We all know that shaving cream can be very useful for aiding in unwanted hair maintenance. However, it also has many excellent uses for cleaning many things around the house as well. Just check out some of these helpful uses!
  1. Cleans Dirty Hands

    Next time you are out camping, don’t use your drinking water to wash off those dirty hands, use a small dollop of shaving cream and wipe your hands off with a towel!
  2. Clean Your Bathroom Mirror

    When toothpaste is speckled all over the mirror, don’t grab glass cleaner; the ammonia in it can be harmful to some mirrors. Instead, put some shaving cream on a paper towel and rub it in. wet the paper towel and rub it off. This will leave you with a streak free shiny mirror.
  3. Cleans and Shines Water Faucets

    If you are having guests over, you may want to clean and shine the faucets in your kitchen, bathroom and shower with shaving cream. Scrub shaving cream in with a sponge and wipe off with a damp cloth. Leaves you with faucets that look like new!
  4. Removes Carpet Stains

    Having children in the home can be a messy business. But you can quickly and easily get that chocolate stain off your white carpeting with a dollop of shaving cream on the stained area and an old toothbrush to scrub it in. Afterwards, a damp towel will wipe up any excess shaving cream.
  5. Breaks In Baseball Gloves!

    If the kids want to break in their new baseball mitts with a game of catch it the yard, have them rub some shaving cream into the palm, squeezing mitt together and let sit for about four hours.
  6. Safe and Fun Paint for the Little Ones

    If you are caring for young children and need a fun project that is easy to clean up, consider making many colors of finger paint by placing a palm sized dollop of shaving cream into a bowl with some colored drink mix as the coloring. It’s a fun texture to paint with, its not harmful if accidentally swallowed and it cleans up nicely if it gets on clothing. (Side note: this project can also be done with whipped cream)
  7. That Old Door Shall Squeak No More!

    If the hinges on your doors are starting to squeak when you open and close them, it’s time to put a little shaving cream on it and scrub into tiny cracks with an old toothbrush.
  8. Shines That Engagement Ring Right Up

    If your jewelry is starting to look tarnished, grab that old toothbrush again! Scrub shaving cream in, leaving your jewelry shiny and your gems sparkling!
  9. Cleans Guns Nicely

    If you are having trouble getting the carbon buildup to come off your bolt or barrel, consider shaving cream, that well used toothbrush and wipe off excess with a very slightly damp rag. Dry completely with dry rag to prevent possibility of rust.
  10. Cleans Dirt From Under Your Nails

    If you’ve been working hard, it shows… as dirt underneath your fingernails. Use shaving cream and a toothpick to get those nails looking freshly manicured!

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