Friday, August 19, 2011

100 Tips in 100 DAYS - Day 19

Whew! The heat here is killer! How many of you like cooking in a hot kitchen? Me neither. Most of us  pull out and dust off our crock pots in the fall when the temperatures cool down but this little cooking tool can be a real time saver, even in the summer. Now you 're probably asking yourself why I would suggest using a crock pot in the middle of summer because, like an oven, crock pots do put off some heat. I have a friend who has the nickname "Suzy Homemaker" and it fits as her name really is Suzy. We were talking one hot afternoon and I was basically whining about doing dinner because it was just so warm that day. She kinda giggled and said, "Use your crock pot next time". Before I could say a word, she then stated,"I know it's warm but I have been known to put my crock pot on the porch or even in the garage." Can you say genius? This was probably one of the BEST tips I have ever received. I tried it and it worked beautifully. There are also tons of crock pot recipes available. I found the following article on along with a ton of healthy and yummy crock pot recipes.

Click on the link below. You will be glad you did!

Recipes for the Crockpot and Slow Cooker

Over 1000 Crock Pot Recipes!
Crock pot recipes are perfect for busy cooks. Cooking dinner after a long day is something a lot of people don't look forward to, so they end up eating unhealthy take out food or they throw something in the microwave just to get dinner over and done with. A great slow cooker recipes stash and a crock pot will solve the dinner dilemma.

There are an incredible amount of recipes for tasty main dishes, side dishes and desserts that are easy to make. You can get everything ready in the crock pot in the morning, and then walk in the door in the evening to a wonderful home cooked meal.

We gathered over a thousand crock pot recipes with a great selection of different ingredients and meal types. There are main dishes with beef, ground beef, pork, chicken and turkey; plus desserts, and vegetables. You're sure to find the perfect crock pot recipe to help you create a great tasting meal that is easy to make.

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