Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hello Again!

This is one more attempt at me blogging. I am amazed and impressed with the gals (and guys) who have shared their passion consistently over the past several years. While I took a break from writing and sharing I did use this time to do some research on other blogs and their writers. I found some incredible design and DIY blogs that I would like to share with you. These ladies and their very helpful hubbies, and at times along with a small army of family and friends, have successfully transformed their nests into a true haven. My favorite 'go to' blog is Southern Hospitality - Adventures in Decorating, Cooking, Thrifty and Gardening. The blogger, Rhoda, has been sharing  for years and has perfected blogging into an art. One of my favorite elements on her blog is 'Feature Friday'. She shares stories and photos of beautiful homes and their owners and it's just amazing to see all the different design styles represented in each article. I could go on all day about her blog but I'll let you check it out at www.southernhospitalityblog.com.
I want to invite you to stay tuned in as I will be sharing some makeovers of my own space in the days to come and I hope to inspire you as much as I have  been kindled to make my home into a haven. Check back tomorrow to learn about the latest creative way some north Texas moms are making extra cash and saving big money at the same time.

Here's a sneak peak at www.southernhospitalityblog.com

Tour My Home

Even though I don’t live in this beautiful house anymore, this house was a 5 year project of fixing up and making it better.  I’ve shared a lot of the projects here on my blog, so take a look around.  You can read Meet Rhoda to find out more about me and why I don’t live here any longer.
Since I upgraded to a new DSLR camera, I decided to do separate posts on most of the rooms in the house as an update. You’ve seen the rooms before, but these are new and improved pics, so enjoy the tour.  I’ll link back to original posts for more details and feel free to ask questions about any room.
The house was not cutting edge style, nor the latest trend, but it was comfortable and pretty.
Click on each pic to go to that room:

Living Room

Dining Room

Kitchen & Breakfast Nook

Master Bedroom and Bath

Blue Guestroom and Bath

Lime Green Laundry Room

Wallpapered Office Nook
Cottage Guestroom
CabinetGreen and Brown guestbath
Porch on the Deck

source  - southernhospitality.com

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