Saturday, June 18, 2011

100 TIPS IN 100 DAYS - DAY 10

For some strange reason, I was extremely sluggish all morning. I am not a caffeine drinker anymore but I seriously reconsidered it this morning. That is when I thought about all of the crazy things that coffee could probably be used for. I checked around and most of the things I found I knew about but the following story on stuck out. A coffee bath? Really?

                 image found on google images

Unusual Uses For Coffee
Coffee has lots of non-beverage uses around the house.  For instance:
*   Sprinkle spent coffee grounds around the base of your garden plants to prevent damage from snails and slugs. 
*   Revive houseplants with a mixture of coffee grounds and sugar.  This works well on plants that have turned yellow in winter.  Water them well and watch them perk up.
*   Add used coffee grounds to potting soil.  Add powdered lime to control acidity.  This will add nutrients to the soil and will make your garden thrive.
*   Transport worms and similar fishing bait in a cup half-full of moist coffee grounds.  They will be easier to grasp, and the coffee smell will mask human odor that would otherwise repel fish.
*   For reducing wrinkles and improving their skin, the Japanese have been known to bathe in coffee grounds fermented with pineapple pulp.
*   If your kitchen drains have an unpleasant odor, pour in about a cup of coffee grounds, followed by a pot of boiling water.  Work carefully to avoid plugging the drain.  For garbage disposals, let the grounds sit in the unit for a while, then use hot water and run the unit.
*   Used coffee grounds clean ashtrays or anything that is really greasy.  Grounds are mildly abrasive, but gentle enough to use on any stain resistant surface.
*   When shopping for perfume, take some coffee beans with you.  A good sniff between smelling each perfume will refresh your nose.  Sometimes you will notice coffee beans on the perfume counters in higher end stores.
*   For Halloween:  if your child will be masquerading as an urban outdoorsman (formerly 'hobo'), Fred Flintstone, or just about any male rock star, white articles of costume clothing can be quickly made to appear appropriately dingy by soaking them in black coffee (no cream or sugar).  Then, spread a very thin layer of petroleum jelly over the lower face and neck of the child and apply coffee grounds evenly to create that loutish, unshaven look.

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