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WHAT CAN BECOME OF IT?- The Eaton Family

Mark and Joslyn Eaton were our neighbors when we lived in Ennis, Texas. My husband grew up in Ennis and has known Mark for most of his life and was glad to hear who was in the home behind us when we moved to our last house. Our families quickly became close friends and still stay in touch to this day. They are true lifetime friends.One of the things I realized  right away is that Joslyn has a knack for taking an object that most people would have discarded and turning it into a beautiful, usable piece. Her home is always very welcoming and super comfortable. It's the kind of place where you really do feel like you can prop your feet up and enjoy great company. She shared that she always wants her children and their friends to feel at home and never wants them walking around on eggshells and worrying about spilling a drink or breaking something.
I always think it's great to know some things about the people inside the home I am looking at, which was easy in this case because we have known the Eatons for a long time. I did ask Joslyn a few questions and found out a couple of new things. One of the best tidbits was the story of how Mark and her knew each other since she was in her early teens. She had a huge crush on him but he had no intention of 'robbing the cradle' since he is about five years older than her. Eventually, fate took it's course, they said their "I do's" and are still happily married with three precious girls. When I asked her what was the greatest obstacle she overcame and how, she simply smiled and replied., " I don't see anything as an obstacle, just more like a stepping stone." Josyln also stated that her friends and family are her greatest joy.
The Eaton's purchased their current residence  in 2009 and in true form Joslyn  has created a pleasant home for family and guests. She is quick to give credit to her husband for always pitching in. With so many unique treasures in her home, I was curious as to what she considered to be her best find. Joslyn again smiled, this time with a huge grin, and said, "My Hubby!".
Below are some photos of the Eaton's home and I really wanted to focus on all of the standout pieces Joslyn has fashioned over the years. You will notice she is very partial to items with a sense of history as she feels this brings more character and personality to a home.

View from the dining room. I have personally had many great times and meals around that table!

This table was purchased by Joslyn's father for her mother. Joslyn and all three of her daughters celebrated their 1st birthday sitting right in the middle.

View of  the main living room. Relaxing....

Josyn loves chairs, so it naturally she placed a comfy chair to greet guests as soon as they come into the front door.
I noticed that there are several re purposed screen doors throughout the Eaton home. This one is in the dining room.

 This screen door acts a separation between the living room and an extra seating area. Too cute!

 This particular screen door is in the entry. Joslyn has placed hooks at the top for jackets and bags.Smart!

I took this photo of 'the girls' painting toenails as I was headed to shoot the bedrooms. Sweet!

Mackenzie's room has a black,white and pink theme with touches of silver. One of my favorite color combos!

 I loved this idea! Many people want to achieve a zebra effect but have difficulty succeeding with paint. Joslyn simply decoupaged zebra paper on the dresser front.Great idea!

Girls just want to have fun! Right? That's easy to do in Trista's room!

 Check out these letter that Trista and her sisiter's made for her wall. They are very personalized!

Ivy's room is incredible. This girl has style! She proudly showed me around and explained to me how she did this one mostly on her own. Great job Ivy!

I LOVED this piece! It has been Ivy's since she was a little girl and they decided to make it 'funky' not too long ago.

Ivy adding to the numerous notes and messages in her armoire.

Mark and Joslyn's haven. A great place to rest after a busy day.

 Joslyn still has her hope chest at the foot of her bed. I'm sure this will be a family heirloom.

This large armoire is located in Mark and Joslyn's bedroom. It has been Joslyn's since she was a child and provides ample storage space.

Another creative use of space. Joslyn has her jewelry, perfumes, and a mirror inside the armoire.

I was instantly drawn to this dresser in the Eaton's bedroom.Joslyn said she had the same reaction when she discovered it in an antique store in east Texas. (one of her favorites places to treasure hunt)

Joslyn loves to collect vintage aprons. Many were gifts from her mother.

So, I have saved some of the best for last. Joslyn really does drive a pink Cadillac which she has earned through Mary Kay. It has been a long journey to get to this point but she said she wouldn't have it any other way. Her friends and family are so proud of her!

How many people can say that?

Joslyn takes great pride in the women she has mentored and directed in the Mary Kay family. She is so encouraging and helpful.

One of my favorite rooms at the Eaton's is Joslyn's office. It all girl, all the way! This chair is as comfortable as it is cute!

One of several chandeliers hanging in Joslyn's office. She simply spray painted them all silver to match.

Always willing to gift wrap purchases from her customers Joslyn set up this handy work are in the corner of her office.She simply painted the cabinet green and bought containers matching the color theme.

One of the displays of jewelry in her office.More girly, YES!

Enough said!

Just when you thought you have seen it all...... In the next few photos you will see many vintage Mary Kay items such as the first business card (first pic) compact cases, perfumes, announcements and even the first generation beauty case. These precious treasures were left to Joslyn from one of her mother's friends when she passed away. Joslyn's mother, Jo Renal, is now comfortably retired from the business, but was with the company from its humble beginnings. Then, just as now, her associates became like a family. These women, including Mary Kay herself, were and still are always providing support and encouragement on every level.

I took a picture of this cross located on the front porch. It is the first thing that greets you at the Eaton home and the last thing you see when leaving.

One thing I am sure you noticed was one of the first things I mentioned. Joslyn enjoys revamping items. She told me that she is always on the lookout for her next great treasure. When one catches her eye she can't help to think, " I wonder what it could become?" I am inclined to think this is her approach to life. By investing her time and efforts into the people around her she is rich in friends and family....her greatest joy.

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