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Aluminium foil can be used for a variety of things such as a custom shaped cake pan, foot warmers when camping and even a fishing lure. Ever bake a pie and have the outer part of the crust get too dark or even burnt? Not anymore. Just line a baking sheet with foil, place the pie in the middle and then curve the foil over the edge of the crust. This will ensure a perfect pie every time. Below are some more uncommon yet helpful uses of aluminum foil.

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Sun Box - If your indoor plants need a dose of sunshine, try using a sun box to revive them. Remove the top and one side from a cardboard box and line the inside of the box with foil. Place the plants in the box and put the box near a window where sun will hit the box. It will encourage your plants to grow straight instead of bending towards the sun.

Fishing Lure - Wrap foil around a hook, leaving a flap of foil. Then fringe the flap with scissors so that it wriggles in the water, as the line is reeled in. the shiny surface along with the movement will attract fish to the hook.
Camping foot warmers - On cold camping evenings a nice warm foot warmer can be just the thing. Warm large stones in the fire and then cover them with aluminium foil to keep the heat in. then wrap them in a towel and place them at the bottom of your sleeping bag.
Piping funnel - if you find yourself without a piping bag to decorate your cake. Simply roll your own with a length of foil. There is nothing worse when your half way through your cooking to discover that you don't have all the tools to hand.
Pastry support - to bake pastry blind without beans, make a sausage shape from foil and press it gently into the pastry around the sides of the dish.
Photography Reflector - Wrap foil around a large piece of cardboard to make a cheap alternative light reflector to highlight faces when taking photographs in a dark room.
Heat Reflector - To make the most of the heat coming from your radiators, wrap aluminium foil around insulation board and place the boards behind the radiators. This will help prevent the loss of heat through the wall and redirect it back into the room.
Novelty cake tin - if you want to make a cake in to an unusual shape but do not have the right shaped tin, it is possible to form foil into the desired novelty shape for the cake. Use double thickness foil for stiffness and make sure that the heights of the sides are as high as the cake tine you are placing it in to bake the cake.

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(Tips from Readers Digest Practical Problem Solver)

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