Tuesday, June 21, 2011


After I lugged in a carload of groceries I then had the task of putting all of the items up. I am pretty good about recycling plastic grocery bags by returning them to the store. Most grocery stores have a recycling container for plastic grocery bags located at the entrance. I, however, found some other ideas on /www.diylife.com by Brie Dyas  you might like. I am still unsure about the purse!


If I hadn't been searching for alternate uses for grocery bags, I wouldn't have readily realized that this coaster was made from plastic sacks. To achieve this raffia-like texture, grocery bags are cut into strips and knotted together to create a type of yarn. (And there's even a special name for the stuff: Plarn.) 
Crafters who work with plarn say that the thinner the bag, the better your results. Also, cut off the "tails" of the knots between strips, which will let you crochet smoothly. Once you've made the plarn, crochet a granny square to create coasters that are completely a-okay to leave outdoors all season.

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Day #4: Outdoor Pillow Stuffing

PlayfulLibrarian, Flickr

It's such a small complaint, but I really hate having to pay for a separate pillow insert when I buy pillow covers. And outdoor pillow inserts tend to be pricier than the standard size. Instead, stuff the new covers with plastic grocery bags. 

Day #3: Bowls, Cups and Planters

To create watertight (and pretty indestructible) bowls, cups and planters, mold layers of plastic grocery bags around the object, then blast with a heat gun. Not as scary as it sounds, we promise.

Day #2: Faux Flowers
Elizabeth Abernathy

Whether you use a folding method or simply cut petals out of the bags, the resulting ethereal blooms are sure to please. We love them as gift toppers.

Day #1: Messenger Bag
Will Taylor, ReadyMade

Layers of grocery bags sewn together create this utilitarian-chic messenger tote. For a less quilted look, you can also bond the bags together with an iron to create a thin "fabric" that will resist tearing and staining. 

Stay tuned for next week's Random Recast. What will it be? You'll have to stay tuned...

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