Tuesday, June 14, 2011

100 TIPS IN 100 DAYS - DAY 6

I just love to use usual items to organize my desk, kitchen, bathroom and anywhere else I can think of. Some of the best organizational tools I have ever utilized were never intended for the manner in which  I used them. Ever receive a small flower arrangement in a super cute pot?  Well, here's a tip, use the pot to hold your spatulas, spoons and whisks and place the pot on the counter next to the stove.This will keep your cooking utensils easily accessible so you wont's have to fumble through the kitchen drawer. 
Resale shops, garage sales, estate sales (my favorite) and even goodies sitting on a neighbors curb can be the best and cheapest places to gather interesting containers and organizers. Don't worry about the color matching as a $2-4 can of spray paint will do the trick. I found the following story on http://www.thehomeofficeorganizer.com. I absolutely loved the creative way the following items can be used. 

Come on, you know you want to – break the rules. Just because a bread basket was designed for bread, doesn’t mean you have to use it for that. Make your home office more interesting and personal with items from around the house or found objects from a flea market (like the milk crate above).
Here’s a few things you can use in your home office for something other than it’s intended use:
  • Bread basket = desktop file holder
  • Wooden serving tray = in-box
  • Valet = desktop office supply organizer
  • Decorative candle holder = business card holder
  • Decorative serving plate = desktop organizer
  • Apple box = rustic file box
  • Shaving cup = pen and pencil holder
  • Milk crate = office supply organizer

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